Sunday, February 23, 2014

Swatch/Review: Polish Your Hooves - Buttercup and In the Farmer's Garden

*Disclaimer: The polishes in this post were provided by Polish Yer Hooves for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.*

Howdy folks! Boy, have I been MIA for a while! Darn you life, getting in the way of my nail-polish-ing! Hehe. Anyway, that doesn't matter, because I have a whole bunch of stuff coming up in the next few weeks to make up for it. Just you wait! 

Anyway, today I have a slightly bittersweet review for an amazing indie brand, Polish Yer Hooves. It's sweet because... the polishes you're about to see are completely gorgeous! It's bitter because yesterday, it was announced on the Polish Yer Hooves Facebook page that Leigh Anne, the owner, would no longer be making her polishes. It's a sad day in the nail polish community when an indie brand shuts down, but it's always especially rough when it's such a new, promising brand. However, her Etsy store is only in vacation mode at the moment, and not shut down, so THERE'S HOPE! We're just going to keep hoping while I write this post that maybe the store will come back eventually, because her polishes are all completely stunning, and you are definitely going to be wanting these two once you read this post.

Here's how the polishes arrived. Look at this cute packaging! If you hadn't caught on yet, Polish Yer Hooves' brand is completely centered around cows. And boy, Leigh Anne definitely goes all in for the cow theme! Cow business card, cow labels, cow tape around the polish lids, a Cow Tale (yes, you're seeing an empty wrapper in the bag, because I couldn't restrain myself long enough to take a picture before it was eaten), and even little cow-shaped confetti in the bottom of the bag. 

And onto the polishes inside the bag:

First off, we have Buttercup. Buttercup is a STUNNING bright yellow polish with a pearl finish. I was a little skeptical of this one before trying it, since I'm pretty picky about my pearl polishes, but just look at it! SO GORGEOUS! 

As you can see, one coat wasn't quite enough, but you could definitely get away with two if you wanted. 
In the next three photos, I have three coats of Buttercup with one coat of HK Girl top coat. 

Eee, isn't this so perfect for spring? I feel a little strange wearing such bright polish in the middle of Illinois' disgusting weather, but once everything warms up and the grass is no longer covered in two-week-old snow, I'll be rocking this polish all the time!

And now for the second polish, In the Farmer's Garden (which I'll be shortening to ITFG, because I'd really rather not write the entire name out every single time). ITFG is a mix of pink and lilac flower glitter, small silver hex glitter, and various shapes of small green glitter, all in a clear base.

Here I have one coat of ITFG, plus another coat of HK Girl, shown over Buttercup.

As the base was very thick, application was a teensy bit difficult, especially with getting the flower glitter to look nice, but since this really comes with the territory of larger glitters, I've got no troubles with it. Just keep it in mind when buying!

So there we have it! Let me know your thoughts on these two in the comments. It's a little strange writing a post for polishes that are no longer on sale, because I can't just refer you to the store and tell you how much I recommend buying them, but I can say that if you ever find Buttercup or ITFG in a blog sale somewhere, grab it, fast! I mean it! These colors are so sweet, spring-y, and adorable, and just plain fun to wear.

In conclusion: Cows+cute polish names+awesome application+flower glitter+happiness=Polish Yer Hooves=awesome nail polish. Yeah. Peace out.

*Disclaimer: The polishes in this post were provided by Polish Yer Hooves for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.*

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LynBDesigns - Mind Palace (Swatch/Review)

Well, hello there, everyone!
Wow, this post is really late in the week, isn't it? Please thank some darned malware for that. I got it fixed yesterday, but geesh, was that annoying. I could keep any web browser up for about three minutes or so until the computer would be attacked and I'd have to re-open everything, which meant writing a post was almost impossible. Sigh. But finally, I'm back with a post! I'd already written out some catchy intro related to the Superbowl (I'd started writing this on Sunday before all my computer issues) but as that would make no sense on a Wednesday, we're just going to jump right on into the post.
Enjoy today's swatch/review of LynBDesigns' Mind Palace

First thought on this polish: Look at that glitter.

Second thought: That jelly, tho.

Third thought: And so much Sherlock fangirling to go along with it.

Final thought: Pretty much the most awesome polish ever. 

So yeah, in case my little commentary up there didn't give enough information, this polish is pretty dang amazing. Here I have three coats of Mind Palace with two coats of my good ole HK Girl top coat to smooth it out. Application was perfect. Drying time was wonderful. Seriously. Perfection. Add on top of all this the fact that Mind Palace is based off of Sherlock, and you have a complete winner. However, after putting on this polish, I wasn't able to think too much about the whole Sherlock side of it - this image below basically sums up everything going through my mind at the moment. 

Yeah. I'm a huge sucker for jelly polishes, aren't I? Oh, who can blame me, though? Mind Palace is GORGEOUS. I can't say enough about how much I recommend this one- just go buy it, now, please. Seriously. You will not be disappointed. So much squishy jelly glitter perfection.

Annnd that's it! In case this post hasn't already sent you across the internet to order Mind Palace, it can by found at LynBDesigns' Etsy store for $8 a bottle. Yupyup! 
Thanks for reading! I'm going to try to get back on a weekly Sunday posting schedule again, but we'll have to see if that actually ends up working or not. So see you all Sunday... or... whenever!