Monday, December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas eve, everyone! And to those who aren't celebrating Christmas, happy late-December! This is my last Holiday themed post (aww) but I tried to make it a good one. I present to you: Reindeer nails!

You will need:
- Base coat
- White polish
- Light brown polish
- Black striper
- Dotting tool
- Dark brown polish
- Red polish
- Black polish

 Start off with a base coat, and then paint each of your nails white.

Sally Hansen - Hard to Get
 Add little circles to the bottom half of each nail using the light brown polish.

China Glaze - Foie Gras
With the black striper, start with two stripes on each nail to create the antlers.

Art Deco striper - Black
 Draw a few lines coming out from each antler to complete the look.

With the dark brown polish and dotting tool, add little brown noses to each reindeer but the accent nail.

Essie - Little Brown Dress
 For the accent, use the red polish and dotting tool to create Rudolph's nose.

Rimmel - Blood Red
 Using the white polish and dotting tool, start the eyes.

Add a small black dot within each eye using the dotting tool once more.

Sally Hansen - Black Heart
At the last second, I decided to add some little ears to each reindeer. You can do this with a toothpick, small dotting tool, or just the polish brush.

There you have it! You can go ahead and add a top coat, but my camera decided to die on me before I had time to add one myself, and I was too lazy to take pictures afterwards (hehe, sorry!). But these nails are extremely easy, and they're great conversation starters. 
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- Muffin

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