Thursday, January 10, 2013

Swatch: KBShimmer - Hex Appeal

Hey, wonderful readers!
So Monday this week was supposed to be terrible, right? Everyone's back to work/school after a couple weeks of relaxation. Bleck. But something wonderful happened on Monday to cheer me up from my missing-winter-break-blues: nail mail!
I received my package from KBShimmer! Hooray! And talk about fast shipping - I got the message saying it'd shipped on Wednesday, and it was here the next Monday. Nothing's better than fast shipping!
Anyway, the two colors I ordered were *drumroll* Elle and Hex Appeal. And don't get me wrong, Elle is BEAUTIFUL, but when I picked up Hex Appeal, it was love at first sight (which, yeah, I'll admit, sounds really awkward given the polish's name). It's a dark blue-ish purple packed to the brim with various sizes of silver, blue, and pink hex glitter (with some tiny bar glitter of the same colors mixed in). So. Amazing. And just to prove how amazing this polish is, you all should know that I really don't like glitter polish. At all. You can't really use it in nail art, so what use is it to me? But even this glitter-doubter couldn't hold back a gasp of amazement when she first saw the color.
Not one picture could ever do this polish the justice it deserves, but I tried my best! Enjoy this montage of pretty pictures.

First off, here's a normal shot of how I wore it every day. I've got three coats on each nail, plus a top coat. One or two coats definitely isn't enough, but you can really see the polish build up as you add more coats. Application was great, although I had some trouble getting the glitter to lie flat (the glitter liked to stick up and had to be pushed down by a toothpick/smoothed down with a top coat).

From left to right, here's one, two, and three coats. Three is just the perfect amount, isn't it?

A shot from another angle just to show the glitter from a different side.

And another angle.

Here are a few pictures of the bottle, just to give you an idea of how it looks when it's not on the nail. The third one probably shows the color the most accurately, but the second one really shows how much glitter is in there:

And a blurry picture, just to better show the glittery goodness.

Knowing me, I just couldn't make it too long without some sort of nail art (no matter how pretty the polish) so I added an accent nail. I might do a tutorial on these if someone wants me to, but it's pretty simple - I painted white polish onto a piece of tape, let it dry, cut it into little V shapes, and placed them on my nail. Easy peasy! It looks smoother with a top coat, but I decided to fix some parts of the white with a striper and I was waiting for it to dry before adding a top coat!
Side note: I'd like for everyone to have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of a very close friend of mine - my index finger's nail. The poor baby chipped last night, and I had to pull the plug and cut it off. He was just starting to grow! *sniffle*

Here's the final picture once more, just because.

What do you guys think of this polish? Let me know in the comments! Hex Appeal can be found at KBShimmer's website, along with loads of other wonderful jelly + glitter polishes, which are all sold for $8.75. They also sell soaps, lip balms, and all sorts of yummy-sounding products! The shipping price was great, and the polish arrived in no time. Make sure to check in about a week from now to see my review of KBShimmer's Elle! It's going to be hard for me to remove this one, though - it's been a few days and I still can't help staring at my nails every second I get the chance! 
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- Muffin

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  1. the corner of my index finger nail keeps breaking too! I want perfect square nails so badly but it's just not happening... :(

    hex appeal is gorgeous btw!


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