Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Jamberry Nails

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free. I chose to review them of my own accord. All opinions are my own.*

Hey wonderful nail junkies! Sorry for the super late post, but I feel like it's necessary for this one! Today (or rather, this week) I reviewed some wonderful nail wraps by Jamberry Nails! A while back, Jen from Jamberry Nails sent me some samples of their wraps to try out. I finally got around to trying them! So read on to hear about my adventures with the nail wraps.

The nail wraps came in a set of four on a little plastic shape. Each of them were different sizes, which was convenient, because each one perfectly (well, almost perfectly) fit each of my nails. I then followed the application instructions per the little card that came with the wraps. Here they are from the website:

From the Jamberry Nails Website

Here's what they looked like!

Ack! Look at the hair on one of my nails... woops...

About the application process:
It was definitely easier than I expected. I also felt like I got better (and faster) as I applied more and more of the wraps. I did have a little trouble actually placing them on the nail - I was terrified I'd accidentally place it down wrong, like touching my cuticle or something, and screw everything up. The wrap I used for my index finger was a little too large on one side, and touching the skin, but I just used a nail clipper and cut the extra part right off.
I also loved the quality of these. I've used Sally Hansen's nail wrap things before, and these are unbelievably better. I really liked how you used heat to seal them to the nail - it really made them seem completely strong and stuck onto the nail.
The only problem I had with them (as you can see from the pictures) was buckling on the sides (and on the tips on my more curved nails). I found the solution on this video after going through all the steps, so I left it as is. It's a little bit annoying now, so I wish I'd fixed it earlier, but ah, well.
So far, these have lasted *does math in head* six days? I think? There's a little peeling on the tip of a few nails. It looks like there's a clear layer of plastic above the actual design, and it's slowly peeling away a bit. Not too much, though - I think I could probably leave these on for another week or so with no real problems.
My favorite part about the nails wraps was that I didn't have to worry about them once I put them on. I didn't have to wait for a top coat to dry or worry about chipping them or anything. Once they were on, I was done. It was pretty wonderful. 

So all in all, I'd recommend these for anyone who likes an easy alternative for painting nails. The nail wraps come in loads of cool designs, so there are endless options. However, if you enjoy changing up your nails often, these probably aren't for you - at least in my opinion, they're a bit too expensive to be changing every couple of days (well, you could if you wanted to, but...). But even if you enjoy changing your nails a couple times a week, it's worth it to give these a try. You can buy a set of nail wraps for $15 on Jamberry Nails' website.

Thanks for reading! Since it's the day before Easter, you all lucked out: I have another (holiday-themed) post scheduled for today! So stay tuned for that. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this, make sure to follow here, 'like' on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.
- Muffin

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