Monday, April 8, 2013


Happy spring, everyone! Well, I know spring started weeks ago, but it FINALLY started feeling like spring this week here in Illinois! Today I have a (who would have guessed) spring related design for you all, suggested by Ruth M. on Facebook. I guess I'll just jump into the post and show you my tutorial for today: butterflies!

You'll need:
- Base coat
- Light blue polish
- White polish
- Dotting tool
- Black polish
- Purple polish
- Black striper
- Top coat

Use your handy dandy base coat, and then paint your nails a light blue. And yes, I've used For Audrey for the past three posts... what? It makes a pretty sky color.
And eek, sorry for my cuticles! They are going to receive some well-needed TLC this week to make them nice and pretty for my next tutorial!

China Glaze - For Audrey

Use a dotting tool and white polish to dot on little clouds on all but your ring finger. It's easier to look at the picture than to listen to me try to explain it. Try making the dots light to get that see-through, puffy cloud look.

China Glaze - White on White

Now we'll move to the butterfly on the accent nail. To make the top wings, use a dotting tool and black  polish to make the shape I have in the picture. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Are they two triangles? Maybe? They're more pointed at the top and square on the bottom.

Sally Hansen - Black Heart

 For the bottom halves of the wings, just make two large dots.

Let this dry a bit and then go over with your butterfly color (I chose purple), leaving a small outline of black. You might want to use two coats of the purple, or whatever color you used, so that it stands out over the black.

Essie - Play Date

make two lines separating the two wing halves. It might be easier doing this step after the next one - I'm not sure why I did them in that order.

Art Deco Striper - Black

Using a black striper, draw a thick line between the two wings.

Grab your dotting tool and black polish again to make the head.
(To anyone looking super close, yeah, I did make a little mistake that I had to try and cover up with blue polish again. It's pretty noticeable here, but it's pretty invisible after the top coat).

With a small dotting tool, dot on two tiny eyes in white.

And... here comes the hard part. If you don't have a VERY steady hand, I wouldn't recommend trying this - Actually, I would just leave off the head in general. I had loads of trouble with this step. Keeping your hand as steady as possible, use a black striper to add two curly antennae. It works best if you rotate your hand while doing short strokes at a time.

That's it! Finish off your design with a top coat.

And there you have it! Thanks again to Ruth on Facebook for the fun idea. If you guys enjoyed this post, help me out by following here, 'liking' on Facebook, and following on Twitter. Thanks for reading!
- Muffin

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