Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Stripes

Hello there! Currently I'm suffering through painfully hot indoor temperatures, and although there isn't a beach for miles in central Illinois, that's certainly where I'd like to be right now. In an attempt to bring some beach indoors, this week I chose a tutorial with maybe my strangest inspiration  yet: beach towels. 

You'll need:
- base coat
- white polish
- top coat
- green and yellow polish (or any other colors of your choice)
- Scotch Tape
- matte top coat (optional)

You know what I'm talking about with the beach towels, right? The cute fun colored striped towels you see all over beaches in the movies and everything? Oh, I don't know. I found the green and yellow at Sephora the other day and really thought they looked summery, and the idea kind of sprung from that. 

Annyywayy, start off with a base coat and paint your nails white. Then add a quick drying top coat and let your nails dry as much as possible (if you don't, the tape will peel off the color later).

China Glaze - White on White

Cut out little strips of the scotch tape using scissors and place them on your nail to make a stripe pattern.

Paint your nails yellow (or whatever color you chose) and QUICKLYY remove the tape. The faster you go, the less smudging will happen.

Sephora by OPI - IM Beauty

Complete all of your nails and cover up with a top coat. This time I did two nails in each color, but you could alternate nails, use your ring finger as an accent nail, use a different color on each nail, or... do pretty much anything. 

Sephora by OPI - Read my Palm

I thought a less shiny look might represent a towel better (I still feel weird basing my nails off of towels, of all things...), so I added a matte top coat to change it up. If you're not a fan of matte, shiny still looks great.

Annnd multiple picture time, because I can never choose just one.

That's it for now! I hope you all enjoyed this post! And okay, it's been over a year, and I still don't really know how to end these posts. *sigh* catch you later!

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