Monday, June 4, 2012

Color Blocking

Hey all! Happy Monday!
Color blocking is becoming extremely popular, so I thought I'd post a tutorial about it. This is also the base for a second nail design, which I will post after I get this one up. You will get better results using tape in this design, but it's very time consuming so if you're short on time I would suggest attempting it freehand. 

You will need:
- Base coat
- light green polish (yes, I know I've used the same color three weeks in a row... I promise this is the last time!)
- yellow polish
- light blue polish
- topcoat

Paint on a base coat and apply two coats of the green polish.

Essie - Navigate Her

Let this dry completely and place a piece of tape running from the middle of one side of the nail to the bottom corner of the other (such as in the picture).

Paint the part of the nail not covered with tape.

Sally Hansen - Lightening

Quickly remove the tape. Repeat for all nails and let dry completely.

Now take another piece of tape and place it from the middle of one side of the nail to the top corner of the other side.

Paint the nail with the blue polish.

Nicole By OPI - My Lifesaver

Remove the tape quickly.

Cover with a top coat to protect your design.

L.A. Colors - Base coat / topcoat

I hope you enjoyed this design! Read the next blog post if you'd like a way to add even more fun to the design.
Thanks for reading!

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