Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chain Nails

Did anyone get the pun I tried to make with the title? No? Chain mail = chain nail? Darn, and I was feeling pretty clever with that one. Bad puns aside, for my second Halloween-themed tutorial I decided to go with something often associated with those creepy ghosts in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - chains.

You will need:
- Base coat
- Black polish
- Orange/Halloween-themed glitter
- white striper
- black striper (optional)
- top coat

Start off with a base coat, and then paint all of your nails black.

Sally Hansen - Black Heart

Now, that would be kind of boring on its own, right? You know what that means... add glitter!

Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Poppy

This picture isn't really important to the post in any way, but I just had to show you how gorgeous this color is. Seeing it change colors as you turn your fingers is really fun.

Next, draw little squares/rectangles in a row on each nail using the white striper.

LA Colors Art Deco brush - White

Still using the striper, connect the chain pieces together.

If you want some extr detail, you can use the black striper to draw the lines in the chains, as I did on the pinky. I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out, though, so I ended up not doing it on the rest of my nails.

It's So Easy Stripe Rite - Black 

Here's the finished product (sort of). Silly me went and sumdged the polish beyond repair before I was able to add a top coat and clean up. You'll just have to use your imagination, I guess. *sigh*

 I hope you all enjoyed October's second Halloween tutorial. This one is extremely simple and can be done by all levels. If you want to see my upcoming not-so-spooky tutorials, stay tuned by following Muffin Nails here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.
Thanks for reading!
- Muffin


  1. These are awesome!! II love the base color you used - the sparkly black...

    1. Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorites :)


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