Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spider Web Nails

It's OCTOBER, guys! And you know what that means... it's time for... 
Halloween nails! *cue the flickering lights and evil laughter*

Okay, so the nails I'm doing today aren't very scary, even I'll admit that, but they're extremely easy and totally fit the Halloween theme! Thanks to PolishNV and Erica's Nails and More for suggesting today's design: *drumroll* spider webs!

For this design, you'll need:
- Base coat
- Black polish
- Second Halloween-ish color (I used green, but purple and orange are also great)
- White polish with a nail art brush OR a white striper (you can use a toothpick, but it doesn't work too well for this design due to all of the detail work)
- another color for the spider
- red polish
- top coat

You know the drill - start off with that base coat again! Then paint your nails solid black.

Add a gradient to the tip of your nails with a makeup sponge, using whatever Halloween color you chose (I used green here, but you don't have to). This doesn't have to be perfect because you'll be painting over it later.

Using the striper or white polish and a brush, make a small dot on a random place on each nail. Then draw lines coming from the dot. Make a flicking motion with the brush to get lines that get slightly smaller as they get farther away from the center.

Now start on the web. Make little semi-circle-outline shapes in between each line. They should form a little circle-like thing that looks a bit like a bike wheel.

Continue with these lines until you've completed each nail. Try varying the distance between each one to give it a torn, old cobweb look.

You can stop there and add a top coat, but I felt like something was missing. But what was it...?

Spiders, of course! Just use the brush to make a little oval on the nail and use a toothpick or nail art brush to draw the legs. I know spiders have eight legs, but I ran out of room for the last two... shh... no one will notice.

Use the toothpick to draw two little red eyes.

And there you have it! Quick and easy spider webs, and a friendly little spider as well!

Halloween is weeks away, but that's no reason to wait. Get started on your October nails now, and decorate your nails with these simple, fun cobwebs to get in the spirit of the season. If you liked this tutorial and want to see what other spooky designs I have in store for the month, don't forget to follow Muffin Nails here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!
Thanks for reading! 
- Muffin


  1. So cute!! Er.. I mean.. scary! ;)

    1. Haha, thanks! And LOL, aren't they just terrifying?

  2. Those are so cute!
    Amazing nail art, as usual. :D

  3. OMG!!! These are amazing!!! and you make it look so simple :)

    1. Thank you! And I'm glad - I try my hardest to make nail art easy, but I think I tend to over-complicate things sometimes.


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