Friday, November 23, 2012

Swatch: Elixir Lacquers - Miss Kitty's Mee-Yow

Welcome to part two of my Elixir Lacquers reviews! I recieved both Red Nose and Miss Kitty's Mee-Yow from Erica over at Erica's Nails and More from her first Nail Art Challenge. If you haven't seen my post from last week about Red Nose, here it is!

And here is Miss Kitty's Mee-Yow. It's a purple polish with a blue shimmer.

I expected the polish to be much more purple, but the blue shimmer was very noticeable. Application was great. You definitely need three to four coats to get a solid color, though. From left to right, here's one, two, and three coats.

I wasn't so sure about this polish, but it really started to grow on me. I took it off pretty fast, though, and I think I should have left it on longer to see if I'd like the color even more as time went on.
I was really hoping Miss Kitty would be one of those colors that can be layered over anything, but I was a bit wrong on that. I tried it over Essie - Sexy Divide, hoping to add some shimmer to the already-purple color, but this happened instead. Turns out, that blue really shows over darker colors. It's actually a really pretty color, but it just wasn't what I was going for.

And a shot of the bottle:

I think this picture captured a bit more of the shimmer. Certain angles in the light really make it appear more blue.

Shh, don't tell anyone... I think I forgot one coat on my first two fingers. Woopsies! The first two fingers are two to three coats, and the last two are three to four. There are no undies, and I used Sally Hansen's strengthening top coat on top to add some more shine.

There you have it! Miss Kitty's Mee-Yow can be found at Elixir Lacquer's website, along with a bunch of other beautiful polishes, including Red Nose. To stay tuned for all I have in store, don't forget to  follow here, 'like' on Facebook, and follow on Twitter
Thanks for reading!
- Muffin


  1. Love it! Yours look a lot more like the pictures Nicole has on the shop site and her blog, mine definitely look more purple when I wear this. Weird how different nails show it differently. It is a very sheer colour, has to be built up for sure. And thanks for showing it over a colour.
    I wonder what it would look like over white... *writes "Miss Kitty over white" in nail polish notebook*

    1. It's a really interesting color, isn't it? I really love how it looks different on everyone. And ooh, this would look great over white... let me know if you try it out! :)

  2. Oh those are gorgeous!!!! I love the color! Especially the dark blue one

    1. The blue one definitely had to grow on me over time. I was really hoping it would add more shimmer to a purple color, so I was a bit disappointed with the blue at first, but now I'm really liking it.


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