Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swatch: Elixir Lacquers - Red Nose

If anyone remembers, I won some nail polishes from Erica's Nails and More Nail Art Challenge a few weeks back. One of those polishes happened to be Elixir Lacquers Red Nose, and I just had to swatch it for you guys.
(Note: Elixir Miss Kitty's Mee-yow was the second polish I won - you'll be seeing a swatch of it next week!)

Here's the polish as I'm currently wearing it. This is three to four coats under a top coat on each nail, with no undies. The photo was taken using artificial light.

Before I get on to the review part of this, I'd like to let you guys know that I really don't like glittery polish. I know, it's pretty, blah, blah, but it just never does anything for me. You can't work it in to nail art most of the time, which means I won't be using it  most of the time.
That aside, I am so in love with this polish. I keep catching myself getting distracted and staring at it for a minute or two. It's too beautiful for words and the pictures only captured a small part of how amazing it is.
Application was great. It took a couple of coats to build up the color, though, so I'd suggest using a nice tan or gold creme as some undies. Just to show you the thickness of the glitter, I have the picture below. From left to right, I have one coat, two coats, and then three coats. One was extremely patchy. Two was much better, but still had a few empty spots. Three seemed to just about do it, but there were some tiny patches on  a few nails that I touched up with a fourth coat.

I couldn't get any picture to show the full glittery goodness of Red Nose, but this one captures a bit of it.

I hate how flash looks with nails, but I felt that the color looked a bit more accurate here, so here's a picture of Red Nose under flash. Like I said, the color is a tiny bit more accurate, but the flash also makes it look much duller than it is in real life. 

And just because I was having fun experimenting with my light box, this is the bottle. Look at all that wonderful glitter just begging to be painted onto nails. 

There you have it! All in all, I would definitely recommend Red Nose. It's unbelievably beautiful and I've never quite seen another polish like it. If you're interested in buying Red Nose or any of Elixir Lacquer's polishes, they can be found at their website
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Thanks for reading!
- Muffin


  1. I LOVE that polish! It is absolutely gorgeous. Orange sparkles. what can get better than that?

  2. I love that on you :D I'm glad you sort of love it ;) It's definitely the prettiest glitter out of the Lov-a-Bully collection, in my opinion :)
    I CAN'T WAIT to see Miss Kitty's Mee-yow on you :D


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