Thursday, September 5, 2013

Orange Kitty Nails!

*This is a follow-up to last Saturday's post! You should definitely go read that one first if you haven't already! :)*

Who's ready for Allie's-adventures-with-flocking-powder-part-2? I know I am! Today I've got some more pictures of the cat nails you saw in one of my pictures, but along with the story behind them! So I know orange seems like a random color of flocking powder to choose - there were tons of other options. I could shown you any gorgeous shade of red or blue or purple or pink. 
Why orange, Allie? 
Story time: I chose orange to represent my most adorable, fluffy best friend ever, Oscar! 

So that's my sweet little boy, Oscar. He's cat #2 of the dynamic duo:

Here's Abraham, the big brother. I love him as much as I love Oscar, but Oscar's the one with a tradition of sitting next to me every time I paint my nails and looking on thoughtfully, so this post will be more about Mr. Oscar (and there wasn't any brown flocking powder, which kind of got in the way of any plans for Abraham-themed nails). I still had to post a picture of him to make it even, though!

Oscar's my nail art buddy! Here he is taking a break from watching his "reality television" to pose for a picture. This spot right in front of the computer is where he likes to sit and get in the way of my nail painting. He's sat up here for a good hour or two every day since I've had him. When I saw that orange flocking powder online, I knew I had to paint little Oscar kitties on my nails. Here they are!

So boy, did I have trouble photographing this. My camera doesn't have a manual focus setting (arg), which meant that I needed to take a bunch of pictures and hope my hand was perfectly steady in at least one of them, because it REALLY didn't want to focus on the flocking powder.

For the ears and whiskers, I used my Art Deco black striper. I still can't believe I found that thing at the dollar store. I actually like it better than my more expensive Stripe Rite. It needs to be thinned out more often so mine has gotten a bit less opaque throughout its lifetime, but it's still a great striper. The eyes were made with Sally Hansen - Black Heart and a dotting tool, and for the nose I used the same dotting tool and OPI - Sparrow Me the Drama.

I did get a few sharper pictures with some adjusting of the light and my camera, but they came at the cost of my skin looking even paler than it already is. I swear I'm not THAT pale, you guys! So what if I haven't seen the sun in a couple of days... (kidding, of course. Sort of.).

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of Oscar watching BBC's Sherlock. He's got good taste, eh? 

That ends today's cat-filled post. I'll be back next week with a (semi) normal post again. See you all then! 

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