Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Witch's Nails

Ello everyone! I planned to have this post out yesterday, but a surprise visit from the allergy monster meant I ended up feeling too awful to write through the sniffles and itchy throat. Ick. But annyywayy, who's ready for Halloween nails: post #2? Today I decided to re-attempt a post from last year, but more of an upgraded version. I wanted something even more disgusting. More disturbing. More... Halloween. So here's a tutorial for nails any self-respecting witch would die to have. Enjoy!

You'll need: 
- Base coat
- rhinestones (2 different sizes) 
- white polish
- a darker red polish and a lighter one
- top coat

Start off with a base coat, of course!

Time to place the rhinestones on your nails! I use around four per nail, but depending on your nail size you might need to use more or less.I applied them by placing a small drop of base coat on my nail and pressing the rhinestone into it.

Once all the rhinestones are firmly stuck onto your nails, go over with another layer of base coat to seal them in.

Create a solid base for the color later by laying down a coat of white polish. This doesn't have to look perfect.

China Glaze - White on White

Now sponge on a layer of the darker red. Make sure to leave some white showing, and make it splotchy, to add to the yucky-factor!

Pure Ice - All Nighter

Go over this with a thin coat of a red jelly polish.
*Note: If you don't have a red jelly polish, paint on your lighter red FIRST, and sponge the darker red on top of it.

Sinful Colors: Gogo Girl

Do some cuticle cleanup + a top coat and you're good to go!

Thanks for reading! What do you think about this design? Would you wear it for Halloween? Let me know in the comments! As usual, if you enjoyed this post, don't forget to follow on any of the social networking sites on the right-hand side of my blog.
See you all next week!

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