Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's My Birthday!

So yeah, I was planning on doing another Sherlock-themed manicure this week, but then I remembered- today's my birthday! Hooray! So enjoy this quick little post on my birthday manicure. 

Here I've got a gradient of China Glaze - White on White and OPI - Sparrow Me the Drama, with the '17' written with an Art Deco Striper in black. Yeah, I'm 17 now! Geesh. I feel old. Wow. 

Anyyywayy, the candles are OPI - Cajun Shrimp, E.L.F. - Purple Pleaser, and Mary Kay - Pink Bamboo, and the flames are Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed and Sally Hansen - Lightening.

Bonus: A (semi) accurate portrayal of the typical celebration of my birthdays. I'm not a party girl in any way, so anything with large groups of people usually ends up with a grumpy Allie hiding in the corner. Instead of a party tonight, I'm quietly celebrating out at Biaggi's (ah, who else would die for their bread) with my family. That's the best way to celebrate, in my opinion! 

Oh, does anyone have any unusual birthday traditions? I was born during the half time of the 1997 Superbowl, and although they've changed the date so it will never line up on my birthday again, my parents always it as celebrate my "second birthday" and spoil me with my favorite foods. Ahh, the joy of birthdays!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought about this manicure, or what strange birthday traditions you have. Next week I will (for sure, this time) be back with another LynBDesigns Sherlock polish, to mark the end of the show's third season. See you all then!


  1. You are by no means old! I'll be 30 in May... That is definitely more on the old side. Haha! I like these birthday nails. Super cute. We don't have any b-day traditions but I'm working on a 30 things by 30 list. It's been fun so far. I've got a ways to go though. Happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I'll be 25 on Friday - yay for Aquarius's :)

    1. Thanks! Happy birthday to you, too! Isn't being an Aquarius the best? Hehe.

  3. Happy birthday young one *winks*. I'm more than twice your age and I don't feel old, so you shouldn't either! Your design is cute! I don't have any birthday traditions really, except bake apple pie when family comes over (often during the weekend if my bday falls on a weekday).

  4. Also I am nominating you for the Friendship Blogger Award:

  5. Happy 17th!! I love these nails -- the gradient base looks amazing, and the candles are perfect!


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