Sunday, January 19, 2014

LynBDesigns - Lost Without My Blogger (Swatch/Review/Fangirling)

Howdy folks! So... guess what today is!

No, not Sunday, sillies! I mean, it is Sunday, but that wasn't what I was going for.

Nope, today is the day... a very special day... the day Sherlock series 3 airs in America! Yes, I may have possibly... not so legally... already seen all of the episodes online... but today's the first day I get to watch the first episode of the new series legally, without any streaming issues or crappy video quality. Huzzah!

In honor of this very important day, I figured it would only be acceptable to do a Sherlock related manicure. I mean, this day only comes three times every two years- better make it count, right?

And never fear, I shall be keeping this post completely spoiler free for anyone who had enough self control to wait and watch the episode legally; however, this does include some things we've seen in the released trailers, which could be considered spoilers if you've decided not to watch those.

Sound good? Then read on!

So for today's episode, I knew I just had to wear one of my Sherlock-themed polishes from LynBDesigns. If you haven't tried any of her polishes yet... seriously. Go buy one. Or two. Or ten. They are completely, utterly awesome. Anyway, I decided to put on Lost Without My Blogger for today, as I'd just ordered it the week before and figured this would be the perfect chance to try it for the first time. You ready to see the complete perfection that is this polish? Keep scrolling!

*Swoons* Look. At. That. Glitter.

So much glitter.

This is two coats of Lost Without My Blogger, with one coat of good ole HK Girl on top. It's a gren jelly base completely stuffed with... well, a ton of different types of glitter that I'm not going to try to list. You've really got everything in here. Silver and green glitter. Circle, hex, shard glitter. Really, you've got the whols shebang in here. 
Oh, and did I mention that application was INCREDIBLE? I have been known for being super picky about my glitter polishes due to their application... but I am in love with this one. 

I would note that as this is such a glittery polish, you're definitely going to need a couple coats of top coat to smooth it down- one wasn't quite enough (but this polish was so gorgeous that I was too busy trying to get pictures taken to remember to add a second layer of top coat). That really just comes with the territory for glitter polish, though, so I wouldn't consider it as a complaint at all. This polish is too perfect to have any complaints about. 

*Bam* close up squishy glitter photo! LOOK AT ALL THAT GORGEOUS GLITTER.

And now for the fangirling portion of this post!

Since this polish is based off of everyone's favorite army doctor, I figured it would not be complete without some bit of nail art to remind everyone what this polish is about. And that is why you might have noticed a very John-esque mustache on my accent nail.

I started out planning to have just a random mustache on the accent nail, without any eyes, but it ended up... not really looking like a mustache. Therefore, eyes had to be added so everyone could tell what it was! It was at that point that I realized I probably should've made the mustache blond. Ah, well, too late! Hopefully you still get the gist. If you're wondering, the white is China Glaze - White on White, the eyes are Sally Hansen - Black Heart, and the mustache was made with a black Sharpie (yeah, I was too lazy to get out my nail art brushes and do it the proper way, but I think the Sharpie was still pretty successful).

But can we just talk about that mustache for a second? Please tell me I'm not the only one who spontaneously bursts into giggles whenever she sees it. Seriously, John, what were you thinking? Maybe he's training to be a part-time plumber who chases a princess all across the countryside. Maybe he grew it to cope with the loss of Sherlock. Do people do that? Grow mustaches when their best friends die? Is this a thing I don't know about?

(had to insert a semi-polish-related reunion theory here- I am
so proud of my Paint drawing skills, I have to admit)

Anyway, let me know your opinions on mournstaches and army-doctors-turned-plumbers in the comments. Make sure to leave some fangirling about the upcoming episode below, too (no spoilers, of course)! And what do you think about this polish? Are you as in love with it as I am? Lost Without My Blogger can be found at LynBDesign's Etsy site for $8, and if this one isn't enough to feed your Sherlock obsession, there are also sixteen other Sherlock-themed polishes in Jenna's Baker Street Collection for you to choose from.

Thanks for reading! I shall be back next week, with another Sherlock-related, fangirl-filled post. See you all then!

*Note: The polish in this post was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.*


  1. I love the green jelly base of this polish! I feel like John is a little less...emerald colored (if that makes any sense) though, but it's still gorgeous!
    I just finished watching Sherlock, and ugh, that mustache. Ugh. Ugh. Maybe Martin Freeman felt left out in the Hobbit when everyone else had facial hair but he didn't?

    1. I see what you mean with the color! Definitely a bit brighter than what I'd associate with John- but I think it's pretty enough to let it slide ;)
      And ahaha, I am still dying of laughter! Poor Martin Freeman being surrounded by all those stylish beards. The mustache was NOT a good way to go, though, rofl.


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