Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nail Fails

I've never addressed this on the blog before, but today... we're going to talk about nail fails! That's right, all the nail art attempts that aren't quite good enough to make it on the blog. I feel slightly bad about the huge amounts of time that passes between each post, so I want to discuss all my nail fails, which are (usually) the reasons behind my slow posting. Enjoy this collection, working backwards in time, of all my "brilliant ideas" that turned out to be less brilliant once on my nails.

The Boring Picnic Blankets
Okay, I guess I'm not totally dissatisfied with these. I don't know. For some reason they just bore me- I think there needs to be more to them. I tried to paint some ants on the thumb nail, and failed, so I gave up on any creative idea for the rest of the nails.

The Smudgy Ice Cream Cones
Eh. I tried. They look kind of ice-cream-y, I guess. I loved how the cones came out, but the actual ice cream just kind turned into smudgy blobs. Woops.

The Sloppy Gradient
I actually adore this gradient. I just forgot the cleanup before taking photos. Oh well.

The "Damn You Seche Vite" Nails
It's a short story: my Seche Vite started shrinking. Now I'm a happy user of HK Girl.

The Chubby Smiley Face
See, I was all pumped up for the Sherlock season 3 premiere, and I attempted to replicate the wallpaper design on my nails. It resulted in this mess. 

The Office Finale Nails
I forgot the yellow polish I used wasn't opaque. I hate visible nail lines. 

The Horrendous Nail Break
Of course my nail had to break before I could take my photos. Eh, the nail art wasn't that cute anyway (Also. Ick. The photo quality here. *shudders*). 

 Those are the only ones I could find for now- I think I may have deleted some of the worst offenders. I'll let you all know if I ever find the penis-gingerbread-men pictures, though (... don't ask).

I won't be seeing you all for a little bit- I'm heading off to Italy (Eee!) tomorrow, and I'll be back a week from Tuesday. I'm hoping to take plenty of pictures of my nails while travelling, so I'll put those all together in a post when I get back. Catch you all later!


  1. Your post made me laugh so much! I actually think your ice cream nails are really good! :D

  2. Hahaha, you're brave to let the public see your nail fails! Actually, most of these look fine -- the ice cream ones look cute! SV is my personal enemy, I actually switched to using 99 cent drugstore "clear nail polish" instead cause I'm cheap and it actually works fine.


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