Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Update!

Howdy, y'all, I'm back from my vacation in Italy! It was completely beautiful, but I've got to say... other than our terrible humidity and lack of gelato shops every ten feet, I really ended up missing home. Hello again, constant wifi access and free bathroom access (did you know you have to pay to use the public restrooms in Italy? I didn't, and as a girl with a teensy tiny bladder, lemme tell you, it was NOT FUN)!
Anyway... wow. I'm not really sure what else there is to put in this post. Nothing interesting's happened to me nail-wise recently... right now I'm wearing LynBDesigns' England Would Fall (which has now beaten out Cajun Shrimp as my favorite polish ever... sorry, OPI!) Although it's the most stunning pink holo you will ever see, my town's been shrouded in the gloomy sadness of clouds for the past week, preventing the perfect shiny holo-ness from coming out to play.
Okay, I'm just going to bombard you all with my Italy photos, because the only thing that's happened in my life over the past month other than my trip was a bunch of sleeping. Huzzah (or, as I learned from Italy, "hurrĂ !")! If you're here for nail-stuff, I'd go ahead and skip this post and wait a few hours until my 4th of July nails are up. If you want to read more about the life of the gal behind the nails, then read on!

Okay, you see this face? This is the face of a girl trying to keep it together after 24 straight hours awake. No one told us we were stopping at Verona before going to the hotel... by the end of the day, my vision was blurry, I swayed in my chair at dinner, and my hands were shaking so much I could barely hold anything. Fun times, eh?

Allie's Travelling Nails #1: Taken on the bus. A lot of time was spent on the bus.

Allie's Travelling Nails #2: Taken on the boat-bus into Venice. Hooray for crummy focus, awful back-lighting, and a photobombing water bottle!

Here's a picture documenting what may have been the most terrifying gondola ride in history. Somehow we ended up with all the heavier people on one side, and we were dangerously close to tipping over the entire time. At least we got to hear our gondolier sing Madonna, though!

Allie's Travelling Nails #3: Taken in the Doge's Palace. This was the point where I realized how much I hated the fact that this camera had no manual focus setting.

So I found this Italian movie on the hotel TV... I think there were mummies and Nazis and some really messed up CGI monsters? Someone tell me if you know the name of this one. It's a must-see.

I need this bike. So. Much. I also think I deserve bonus points for matching my shirt to the painting.


Allie's Travelling Nails #4: Taken in an American restaurant. Yeah, I totally did go to an American burger shop in Italy. Their fries were great, too.

So swagadelic, man.

Note to anyone ever going to Italy: make sure you eat at Grom at least once. It might be the best gelato place ever. Ever. 

Heyo, Colosseum.

So... erm, yeah. I hope you all enjoyed hearing me talk about something other than nail polish for once! I'll be back with my 4th of July post once I can get pictures taken, uploaded, and edited. In the meantime... uh, enjoy this bonus picture of a pigeon.

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