Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nifty Nail Polish Finds: Collistar

Hey y'all, long time no see! Boy, have I had a crazy past two weeks. Before I jump into the post, how about I do a little insight-into-Allie's-life section? Here we go!

On the Saturday after the 4th of July, I headed out on a road trip with my mom to visit a couple colleges and get a taste of what I liked and didn't like in a school (for the record, Kenyon College is my favorite as of now, with nothing coming even close). We stopped for four days to visit my grandmother in New York, visited a few colleges in her area, and then spent last Friday driving home. For twelve. Long. Hours. Ick! So of course all I wanted to do when I got home was spend the weekend sleeping, relaxing, and maybe painting my nails, right? Nope, I wasn't getting off that easily. The next morning we had a HUGE amount of rain (four inches in one hour, I think I heard?), and our basement flooded. Hoorayyy. I've spent the last week helping my mom drag stuff out of the basement, talking with the people from Servpro, and trying to find whatever little bits of peace and normality I could. We lost a few little things, and the carpet's wrecked, but other than that we got pretty lucky with the whole flooding disaster. It still hasn't been fun to have our entire house turned upside down, though (half of our main floor has turned into emergency storage space for everything that was earlier stuffed in the basement), which is why it's nice to get back to the blog and jump back in to the magical, comforting world of nail polish. Enjoy the post!

So as you all know, I recently took a trip to Italy, and there would have been something very wrong with me if I hadn't brought back any nail polish to remember it with! I bought three different polishes while I was there, and today I've got swatches of the color Bordeaux Perlato by Collistar. I did a bit of research and I don't think it's possible to buy this brand in the US (maybe there are some bottles on eBay?), but if anyone can think of a good dupe, let me know, because this polish is STUNNING!


Seriously, just look at this gorgeous color.

I ended up paying eleven euros for Bordeaux Perlato (around $15), but it was totally worth it because this polish has great application, shine (even without a top coat, although I've got a healthy coat of HK Girl on in this photos), and wear-time. Perfection all around!

I'll be back soon with my two other polish finds, both from Kiko (although I'm not sure yet if I'll swatch them both in one go or split it up into to seperate posts). These two are more like our average drugstore brands here, so I'm curious to see how they hold up compared to Bordeaux Perlato.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of my Collistar polish! Know of any good dupes? And do you have any favorite brands from other countries? Tell me in the comments!

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