Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Nails

*Mini pre-post rant: Sheesh, you guys won't believe the trouble I went through getting this post up. For whatever reason, my computer's been getting progressively slower over the past two days, becoming practically unusable. I've been able to slowly get around by opening tabs and letting them load for five minutes, but I ran into an issue an hour ago when I learned that my computer was now too slow to use my favorite online editing tool. Gah! After some research I discovered it'd probably be a smart idea to reset the little wifi box thing, which I asked my father to do (yeah, probably not best to make me mess with the techy stuff), and bam! My computer was all back to normal speed and ready to edit photos. Huzzah!*

I had a bit of a rough time figuring out a design for the fourth of July- this feels like one of those holidays that everyone ends up doing nail art for, and I really wanted to find something that hadn't been done before. Enter sugar-spun stripes!

Okay, yeah, I know the whole sugar-spinning technique has been around for awhile, but I thought it'd be cute to switch up the typical perfect-straight-line-stripes of the American flag for something a bit more... unique.

... oh my god, they kind of look like blood splatters in this picture.
Gosh dangit. 

I wasn't quite able to think of something as special for the accent nail, but polka dots are still fun, right?

The white background and polka dots were done with China Glaze - Snow, the red is Elf - Smokin Hot, and the blue accent nail is Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away.

Bonus: I've been trying some different hand poses recently, since I usually just do the same two in a few different angles, like this one below... yeah, I don't think I'm going to be using The Claw as one of my regular poses anytime soon.

See, the pose was so awkward to do that I didn't even take enough time to focus the camera properly... woops.

So do you all have any fun traditions for the fourth? Lemme know in the comments! My family usually gathers at my grandparents' for hot dogs, burgers, and swimming, but as their pool's under repairs right now, we're switching over to my aunt and uncle's. I hate breaking the tradition, but ah, well, it shall still be fun! 

I'm heading out for another week-long trip on Saturday, so there probably won't be a new post until the weekend after, unless I find wifi somewhere while I'm gone. So, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all then! 


  1. I love the sugar-spun nails, and the accent nail is super cute :) I feel your struggle -- my laptop usually works fine, then right when I try to write a blog post it decides to make me re-install Photoshop and reset my router and run a virus scan and ughhh yeah.

    1. Thanks! :) And haha, maybe our computers have something against writing about nail polish. It would explain so much...


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