Monday, May 14, 2012

Black French Tip Mani

Hey, readers! So for this week's design, I decided to stick with a simple french tip. But instead of using the typical boring white french tip, I mixed it up a little with some darker colors. 

You will need:
- Base coat/ Top coat
- Any matte black polish (I'm using a more glittery polish, China Glaze's Stone cold, but any color that's matte will work)
- A shinier black polish
- Clear Tape

First use a base coat to protect your nails. Next, paint them two coats of the matte black polish.

Doing these next steps one at a time, place a piece of tape horizontally across the nail. Make sure the first polish has dried completely to prevent the tape from pulling it up.

Next, paint the showing tips in the second black nail polish. Quickly pull the tape off.

Repeat for the rest of your nails, and  you're finished! Cover with a top coat to give them a nice shine.

I hope you enjoyed this simple design! Thanks for reading!
- Muffin


  1. Hey dear, your friend shared your page on my facebook page, and I want to follow your blog but can't find the "Join this site" button...

    Lovely mani you've got here. I'll subscribe to this post, so if you reply, I'll get it. :-)

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! The followers thing should be working now, so let me know how it goes. :)


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