Monday, May 21, 2012

Green Leaves

Happy monday! I happened to come across some new nail polish this weekend, and I decided to use it in a design. I hope you like it!

You will need:
- Base coat
- A light green nail polish (I used Essie's Navigate Her, one of my new finds)
- Makeup sponges/art sponge brush/etc.
- A dark green nail polish (Here is China Glaze's Agro, one of the colors in the Hunger Games themed line)
- A yellow nail polish
- Black striper
- Top coat

First, paint on a base coat to protect your nails. Next, paint two coats of the lighter green.

Take the sponge and dab a bit of the darker green polish onto it. Using the sponge, lightly press nail polish onto the top one third of each nail. Place more polish onto the sponge as necessary.

Your nails should end up looking somewhat like this. This method is naturally messy, so save the cleanup of your cuticles and skin for the very end. 

Using the same sponging method, dab on the yellow nail polish onto the top third of each nail. Your fingers should now look like this. 

Using the black striper, draw a line straight down the center of each nail.

Next, use the striper to paint diagonal lines branching out from the center line. 

Cover your nails with a clear coat and use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to clean up any unwanted polish.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please post your questions and comments below- I'd love to hear what you think!
- Muffin


  1. This is SO COOL. I'm way too lazy to spend that much time on my nails, but this is actually THE coolest thing ever


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