Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiger Stripes

Hey, all! This week's tutorial is the fun and exotic tiger nail pattern. It's pretty time-consuming, so make sure you only start this one when you have a good stretch of free time ahead of you. For these nails you will need:
- a clear base and top coat
- Yellow nail polish (yes, I'm aware that normal tiger stripes are orange, but normal = boring in my book, hence the yellow)
- black nail polish
- clear tape
- a pair of scissors

As usual, start off with a base coat to protect your nails. Next, paint each nail with two coats of a solid yellow.

Let the yellow dry COMPLETELY before moving on the the next step!
The next three steps will be done one nail at a time to prevent tearing the nail polish or any other unthinkable mistakes.
Cut a piece of tape into small little strips and criss-cross them on your nails, just as I did in the picture below.   You want that yellow to be solid because if it isn't completely dry, you'll peel up some of it when you take the tape off.

Now paint your nail with the black polish. It's fine to paint over the tape. 

DO NOT wait for the black to dry- take the tape off as quickly as you can.

Repeat for all of your nails and cover with a top-coat to add some shine. 

I hope you enjoyed letting your inner tiger shine through with this design! Thanks for reading!
- Muffin

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