Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel, Day Two

Hello, all! Today is day two of my five-day journey using Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel. You can by this product here for $6.99. Here we go!

For anyone who hasn't seen my first post, here are the details:

I'm going to apply this product twice a day over my bare nails and let it dry on its own. I bought this bottle for $7.49 at Walgreens. The package says that this strength gel will make your nails stronger in five days, which is how long I'll be trying it out.

Here are the instructions on the bottle:
"Shake gently. Apply daily over bare nails or dry nail color. Massage in with applicator or finger. Reapply as needed."

Again, here are my bare nails.

This was taken directly after I applied the strength gel.

Here they are again, ten minutes after the gel was applied.

Here's a comparison from day one to day two. My lighting's a bit different in each picture, so it's not too easy to see any difference, but I think the nails are a little more opaque. Other than that, there's not much difference.

So, my comments:
- Again, I wasn't able to get any of the little beads on my nails. They may or may not do anything, but I'm beginning to think I'll never know.
- Even after washing the leftover goo off my hands, my nails are still fresh and moisturized. I don't feel any need rub in Vaseline into my nails as I usually do when they're bare. 
- It's only been two days, so I can't tell if the product is working or not. I'll just have to keep at it!

There we have it! Not much has really happened over night,  but I'll keep you all posted. 

Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel can be found at the Walgreens Website for $6.99. You can also find it in almost any store that has a nails section.

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*Note: I was not paid to review this product. All comments and opinions are my own.*

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