Monday, September 15, 2014

ESSC 2014: #destinationcity

Howdy folks! 

So, a lil side note before we jump into the post! For anyone who follows me on Facebook, you might have seen that this happened over the weekend.

Ten minutes later: 

Sigh. It's always sad when a nail breaks (although it's kinda fun to turn them into stilettos, I gotta admit). This nail break has a pretty entertaining story to it, though, so I thought I'd get into that a bit!

So on Saturday I ran the Crazy K, a local 5k run. The fun thing about this one is that it's not just a 5k... it's also got a ton of obstacles, most of which involved copious amounts of mud (see the picture below of me sliding into a mud pit), 

Wee, that's me in the brown shirt. 
 We also had to climb over, under, and through random stuff, as seen here:

I may have taken the longest shower of my life after getting home from this.
So, all these obstacles are pretty fun, but sadly, my nails didn't enjoy them as much as I did. One broke on my left hand, and two cracked on my left. I'd already been planning to file them into points for October (wee, fun scary Halloween nail art), so I figured I might as well just cut them down a wee bit early! Hooray! ... Aanndd, that's the story behind my new nail shape, folks. 

I guess I should move onto today's challenge, which I'm not as excited about:

Okay, it's okay to have those days where we're just not feeling the nail art, right?
I tried three different designs, and all failed pretty badly, but I really don't feel like a fourth attempt (failing over and over again starts to get old pretty fast), sooo here's my destination city nail art nail fail. Sigh!

Y'all know I visited Italy over the summer (eee, so beautiful), so I decided to do something I saw there for my destination city design. Attempt one was some Roman-themed columns... nope. Terrible. And then I figured I could paint nail polish on tape and cut out some wavey shapes (for Venice's water... because it was pretty, ya know...) with a pair of one of those cool craft scissors, but they couldn't cut through the tape properly, so there went that idea too. I then decided to attempt to replicate this picture I took while I was there:

Yeahhh... it's at least sort of similar, right?

K, that's all for now. I'm hoping I'll have an easier time with the summer fruits theme (I'm thinking pineapples!), so... see you all then!

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