Friday, September 5, 2014

ESSC 2014: #Nauticalstyle

Howdy y'all! 
Here's day 2 of the Endless Summer September Challenge:

Okay, so I've got to admit, as a Central Illinois native who's only been to an ocean once in her life, I know pretty much nothing about nautical style. I mean, there are anchors and stuff, right?

Anyway, I asked around for ideas and one of my friends suggested a rope pattern. It was actually a pretty awesome idea, but when I tried it I screwed up. Really badly. I mean, really REALLY badly. It looked like I had paintings of a tapeworm on my nails. Yeahhh, no thank you. So it was back to the drawing board, where I was kind of panicking because I had no other ideas.

I finally settled on using some striping tape and some textured nail polish, because it would be quick and easy (it was getting pretty late in the day at this point and I had school stuff to do and I was stressing out big time).

I started out with two coats of OPI - Honey Ryder on my accent nails. I've never been a huge fan of liquid sand and I know its fad phase has kind of passed by now, but it reminded me of sparkling sand, so there you have it. On my other nails I've got one coat (yayy, one coaters!) of China Glaze - First Mate, which is not only a gorgeous blue, but I thought the name was perfect for the nautical theme.

Woo, striping tape placement time! A.K.A. the time where I get super stressed out when the tape refuses to go on perfectly and I have to resist the urge to punch something.

Then I cut off the extra tape on the sides, because that's just not pretty!

Hellooo, topcoat! Well, topcoat on the non-accent nails. Putting a topcoat over liquid sand seems to be defeating the purpose a bit.

(Also, like the watermark font? I tried
to do something... nautical-y)
Okay, I'll see you all Wednesday! Or maybe even earlier, if I have a chance to edit some photos I've had on my camera for a couple weeks. We'll have to see how intense the schoolwork is! Gotta love the craziness of senior year, am I right? 

Later, everyone!

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