Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nail Art Challenge Day Eight: Polka Dot Nails

Happy Saturday, everyone!

So today's polka dot nails. And who doesn't love polka dots? There are endless possibilities for them. The ones I did for today's challenge were inspired by a rainbow. The background color is meant to represent the sky, and the rainbow pattern with the dots is pretty self-explanatory... 

I used my fancy schmancy dotting tools for this. I was expecting it to take forever, but it actually went pretty quickly. I had a scare when I thought I wouldn't be able to fit all of the colors on the pinky, but I squished them all in there.

So onto the pictures!

There you have it! Oh, did anyone notice the changes to my watermark? I decided to make it a bit more... watermark-y. Let me know if you like it or not! The colors I used for this design were:

Base coat: Beauty Secrets
Blue background: Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!
Red: OPI - Cajun Shrimp
Orange: Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed
Yellow: Sally Hansen - Lightening
Green: China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover
Blue: China Glaze - First Mate
Purple: Orly - Wild Wisteria
Top coat: Seche Vite

And I kind of didn't use an unused polish for this one. I'm running out of good ones. But I hadn't used Four Leaf Clover or Wild Wisteria until this challenge, so I'm just going to call those my unuseds for today.

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